#SENexchange discussion topics. Your suggestions so far

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We are very much looking forward to starting our weekly discussions with you each Wednesday, 7.30 – 8 pm from 15th April. As in our initial blog wp.me/p5Qdrj-7 our idea is for the weekly discussion to be the start of a ‘themed’ week where contributors could continue to share ideas, thoughts, resources etc. on the topic discussed.

We have been really pleased that many of you have already suggested ideas for discussion which we have been collating. The suggestions so far are listed below.

Please continue to tell us your thoughts about discussion topic ideas and we will make sure they are considered. You might favour a topic already on the list or have thoughts about another area for discussion? You can tell us your thoughts by commenting on this blog or by tweeting us @SENexchange.

It would be really nice to broaden some of our discussion questions to more directly include parents / carers and members of multi-agency teams with whom we work too – any discussion suggestions which do this would be welcomed e.g.around home-school collaboration /  joint planning and evaluation with multi-agency partners.Perhaps a discussion involving training providers on ITT / ongoing CPD for SEND in both mainstream and special might be of interest as a discussion topic?

We are delighted that #SENexchange has already been doing it’s job in sharing of ideas and resources e.g. @ozzysocks who during last week asked about maths resources for SEND in mainstream schools and had several responses from fellow #SENexchange followers.

Ideas of topics so far for our weekly discussion / themed weeks include:

– deployment of TAs to support pupil outcomes ( suggested by @fiona_moody)

– Inclusion – what is it and how we can support it? (suggested by @ASTsupportAAli)

– pupil voice for children and young people with SEND ( suggested by @Mishwood1)

– practical science ( suggested by @jwscattergood)

– Numeracy ( suggested by @jwscattergood) / Literacy and numeracy (@robbo1511)

– Including children with visual impairments ( suggested by@10kmk42)

– Developing independent learners ( suggested by @alexisemma31)

– Promoting the collaboration between mainstream and special schools ( suggested by @senteacher_jen)

– CPD in special schools ( suggested by @SimonKinght100)

–  The difference between ‘behaviour management’ and the importance of ‘managing ones own behaviour’ ( suggested by @Educate_NE:)

– Working collaboratively with parents / carers ( suggested by @ERA_tweet)

– How to prepare young people with SEND for working life. Should our curriculum be focussed on accreditation or work/life skills? ( suggested on blog comment by Liz Stamatelatos)

– What are the most important considerations for an ASD friendly learning environment ( suggested by @reachoutASC)

– How do we support transition from primary to secondary for children and young people with SEND? ( suggested by @MariaStMarys )

– How do we support learners with SEND with puberty / SRE? ( suggested by @reachoutASC)

– Best practice in E-safety ( following a disucssion with @Mishwood1 and @Cherrylkd )

With warmest wishes and huge thanks for your continued involvement and support.

Mary and Cherryl

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