#SENexchange: Reflection and celebration

photo SEN exchange

As we have reached 3000 followers on @SENexchange we would like to take this time to thank and celebrate the contributions of our followers. The key thing that makes #SENexchange so successful is the contribution of our range of followers who are willing to share their knowledge and ideas. To mark the occasion of us reaching 3000 followers we decided to ask a few of our most regular contributors to our weekly discussions for their thoughts about #SENexchange. We would love to hear your views too so why not write us a message in the comments section at the end of the blog!


Jo Grace


“One of the wonderful things about SENexchange is who you can bump into in the ether. There are brand new teachers keen to learn and experienced practitioners willing to share. There are experts in their field professional trainers and specialists. There are parents, some with children newly diagnosed, others with tons of experience under their belt willing to share, and there are individuals with special needs and disabilities themselves giving their first hand insight into the discussions. Where else would you get such a mix? 30 mins on a Wednesday evening can be like a whole week’s worth of CPD.”

Helen Weston

“SEN exchange has been a revelation for me, firstly the fact that there IS great SEND practice out there in schools and there are staff who genuinely care and want to have the best outcomes for these children. On top of that, these wonderful Professionals STILL want to learn more and enjoy sharing and collecting new ideas.
If I am honest, some of the chats I have watched from afar as they are so unreflective of my experiences that I have found them difficult to read, it is hard when you feel you are fighting a system that could and should work well for your children but you find obstruction every step of the way. However, the huge learning experiences I have had from SEN exchange outweigh this and it has given me the extra confidence in school meetings to question decisions and poor inclusion / communication in a more specific way to ensure accountability. “

Joe W


#SENexchange was one of the first twitter chats I took part in. It presented an unparalleled opportunity to discuss important issues with a range of experienced practitioners from across the world.

You hear a lot about the negative side of twitter but I have never had a problem or issue during #SENexchange that has not been resolved through a challenging but beneficial professional dialogue. Unlike the complaints of twitter feeds becoming echo chamber a chat is open to all. Whilst there are multiple opinions shared every week there is a common theme of respect. It is clear that care and the dignity of any child is at the centre of every contributor’s ethos & practice.

Having a sounding board of experienced professionals, carers, parents and #actuallyautistic tweeters has been invaluable in broadening my thoughts and improving my practice.

Starlight McKenzie


I have found SENexchange to be a welcoming and friendly space for teachers, leaders in education, parents, home educators from early years to post 16, (as well as adults with SEND who share their experiences of receving education) to come together to discuss some of the issues that impact on meeting the needs of children with SEND and share solutions. The chat is inclusive and welcoming of a variety of perspectives and all views are respected and encouraged. There hasn’t been a single chat that I have participated in where I haven’t learned something useful or found something to think about in greater depth. I think t is a real positive for parents to see some of the real thought and care that goes into meeting the needs of children with SEND in schools and for professionals to have a non-confrontational perspective from parents on their practice.

Ed Psych Insight


“I think the #SENexchange chats are great at eliciting people’s thoughts and feelings on a wide range of everyday issues in education. They help to generate practical ideas for managing a child’s special educational needs. Above all, they reflect the many practitioners and parents who have a vested interest in learning more about how to help children fulfil their full potential.”

Integrated Brain


“Often we are so caught up with the act of doing processes and methods that have been tried and tested over the years. Over a cup of tea and with HolbyCity going on in the background I am both relaxing after a long day and thinking with peers on new ways to look at solutions we think we know about. It is a strange platform to talk, however the retrospective thinking about the topic, the replies and your own thoughts make you think and consider new possibilities. It is this reflection that I find most valuable. The idea that others out there can have a profound impact on my everyday work.”

Maria Ramsay


Why do I follow @SENexchange? It’s simple, a community of innovative thinkers in the SEND field that share practices offering honest reflections and guidance.”



“The community of #SENexchange are very welcoming. They challenge me to think about my own practice and inspire me to be a better practitioner. The discussions each week are always worthwhile. The community of #SENexchange are very supportive. I would recommend #SENexchange to any tweeting practitioner, parent or carer.”

Helen Causier


“Wow! When I take part in the discussions I never think of our tweets being seen by so many followers! It’s a great achievement.
For me, #SENexchange was a great find. A community of professionals, parents, and some members able to contribute their own lived experience, all contributing to bring about understanding and share ideas or concerns. It’s different from other online forums because there isn’t the ‘them and us’ feel that I’ve come across elsewhere. Everyone contributes because they want things to be done properly for children, whatever their role. I’m proud of my job and I honestly think I work for a service that gets things right most of the time. However, concerns and ideas that I’ve come across in #SENexchange discussions have prompted me to talk to my managers about how we could improve, and been well received and acted upon. Also the support I sense when I contribute is very welcome – it’s always nice when people like what we do! I look forward to each week’s discussion. Thank you for hosting it”

Lynn MCann


SENExchange has been a great way for me to get to know other SEND practitioners from all over the UK and to learn from them.  I’ve made new friends and professional contacts that I would have never found just through twitter.  The range of topics covered each week have been wide ranging and always focussing on the practical. I particularly like how they welcome and include parents and people with different conditions to give their point of view.  We can all learn a lot from each other. Having the chance to host a chat was a challenge for me but I received so much help and support from Cherryl and Mary that it went really smoothly and I learned lots.  I’m looking forward to this chat continuing to help mainstream and specialist SEND teachers, parents and others come together and share knowledge and good practice for the sake of SEND children everywhere.  All the more important as the budget cuts hit schools and force us to be more inventive with less resources.

Callum Wetherill


What I like about Exchange: I love the fact that it builds a family of parents and professionals who go out of their way to support each other; first on a Wednesday night and then whenever anyone has a problem. You can learn so much from others on the different topics and it is usually anecdotal evidence to back up the theory. On a personal level, as someone who recently left the classroom, it is my opportunity to help others no I can’t do it directly
As for the future, it would be great to see some sort of conference/teachmeet. Continue to explore a range of topics and hopefully introduce new professionals and parents along the way”

And a note from each of us:

Mary Isherwood 


When we started #SENexchange, we aimed to establish a forum for sharing knowledge, ideas and resources relating to SEND. We are so grateful to the growing number of people who have joined us to do just that! The #SENexchange community is now rich with practitioners including schools and therapy services, with parents / carers, training providers, students and service users who all bring an important perspective to the discussions we have. The positive feedback we have from our followers is very much appreciated and helps us to ensure we keep #SENexchange relevant and useful. 

A huge thank you to all of you for working with us to make #SENexchange so successful for the last 2 years – onwards and upwards to the next 2!

Cherryl Drabble


Since we began #SENexchange two years ago I have enjoyed witnessing the increasing popularity of our weekly chats. We encourage anyone and everyone with an interest in those with special educational needs and disabilities to share their knowledge with us. Mary and I are on a mission to keep the chats as relevant as possible to the SEND community and we regularly request our tweeters to send us their chat topics. 

One particular chat regarding post 16 stands out as memorable as it was exceptionally busy. Another busy chat was our ASC and girls which we all found to be very informative. 

Over the two yeas we have had a few guest hosts and I would like to thank them for their expertise. I would also like to thank everyone for their contributions to our chats and for helping us to make #SENexchange successful. 


Our new Storify collection – 2016 – 2017 #SENexchange

We have really appreciated the support and involvement of our growing number of followers over the last year and know from the feedback given how useful people find the record of our weekly discussions on storify.

SENexchange has only been established for just over a year and we have a full collection of our discussions over that time in our previous storify collection. We thought it was now time to start a fresh!

Here it is then – our new collection of storify records of discussions from September 2016 – July 2017. We will periodically update this record to keep everything in one place for your reference.

We continue to want our discussions to be useful to you so please continue to keep your discussion topic ideas coming into us by tweeting us at @SENexchange  or on the comments boxes after this blog. Mary and Cherryl thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you.

On 7th September we held a Paralympics themed discussion.  The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 14th September we discussed ‘ What does good staff induction look like?’  The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 21st September we discussed ‘ The important features of a school ethos to support  SEND‘  The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 28th September we discussed ‘What specialist training do you have in your school to support SEND?. The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 5th October we discussed ‘Post – 16 education for our learners with SEND‘. The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 12th October we discussed ‘The essential ingredients of an SEND friendly classroom’The #Storify of our discussion is here

On 19th October we discussed’ Positive behaviour support for pupils with SEND‘. The #Storify of our discussion is here

We then took a break for our  half – term holiday

On 9th November we discussed pupil record keeping  – you can read the #Storify of our discussion here

On 16th November  we discussed how we can support our students with learning difficulties to understand and be safe from bullying  – you can read the #Storify of our discussion here

On 23rd November  we discussed how can we best encourage teachers to communicate with parents.  You can read the #Storify of our discussion here

On 30th November  we discussed how we ensure effective staff training for working with pupils with SEND  – you can read the #Storify of our discussion here

On 7th December  we discussed food and eating for pupils with SEND – you can read the #Storify of our discussion here

On 14th December  you shared the best thing that’s happened to you, your class or child with SEND since last Christmas – you can read the #Storify of our discussion here

We then took a break for Christmas

On 11th January we discussed How you meaningfully involve pupils with SEND in a school councilYou can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 18th January we discussed How do we promote independent playtimes?’ . You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 25th January we discussed Children and young people with ADHD. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 1st February we explored What advice you would give to your younger self in terms of working with children with SEND?. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 8th February we discussed What you would include in ITT for working with learners with SEND?. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 1st March we discussed Assessment and SEND. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 8th March we discussed How you plan inclusive tripsYou can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 15th March we discussed Understanding and supporting emotional behaviour. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 22nd March we discussed Girls with ASD You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 29th March we discussed How we can effectively use total communication to support our learners with SEND?You can read the #storify of our discussion here

We then took an Easter break

On 26th April we discussed How can we manage our own well being whilst supporting the needs of those with SEND? You can read the #storify here

On 3rd May we discussed How do we best communicate with parents / carers about SEND? You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 10th May we discussed How much physical contact is appropriate between staff and pupils in the context of SEND? You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 17th May we discussed How do we ensure maintaining high standards for SEND when facing a reducing budget? You can read the #storify of our collection here

On 24th May our topic was Let’s discuss speech and language therapy You can read the #storify of our discussion here

We then took a half term break

On 14th June we discussed How do we  best support our pupils with SEND to manage change? You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 21st June we discussed Teens and girls with ADHD. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 28th June we discussed How we best support teachers who are newly qualified to work with pupils with SEND. You can read the #storify of our discussion here

On 5th July our topic was Helping children with SEND to sleep well. You can read the storify of our discussion here

On 12th July we discussed Supporting our pupils with SEND to develop their personal independence skills. You can read the #storify here

in our last discussion of this academic year on 19th July we had a “Celebration of achievements”. You can read the #storify here

We are taking a summer break from our Wednesday evening discussions. We will keep @SENexchange updated with news over the summer and return to our regular discussions on Wednesday 6th September.

Thank you so very much from us both for your continued contributions and support.

Please do keep your topic requests coming into to us  – tweet us at @SENexchange any time – we love to hear from you!

With all of our very best wishes

Mary and Cherryl 






‘Measure what you value not value what you measure’ . A special school context — maryisherwood

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Our first anniversary blog #SENexchange


It was one year ago now when Mary Isherwood @Mishwood1 and Cherryl Drabble @cherrylkd first launched SENexchange @SENexchange and we felt we wanted to mark our first anniversary with a blog!

Our aim and mission has always been for @SENexchange to be a place where people either working in the field of SEND or those who have an interest in SEND can share information, resources,news, ideas, ask for help…….. Both of us were regularly contacted by others about SEND related issues and we felt having a forum to ‘exchange’ information more widely would be beneficial for the SEND community.

The world of education never stays still and the same is true of the world of SEND and it has been a particularly turbulent year with the implementation of the revised Code of Practice and it’s implications for schools, our children and young people and their families. It has been good that people have felt able to share their views and experiences about what is happening relating to SEND either in schools and at home and at times. Having discussion and debate is good and we have always reminded contributors that it is fine to disagree and to offer other perspectives, as long as it is done politely and with respect.

We started our weekly discussions on a Wednesday evening a year ago and have always included topic ideas suggested by our followers.  Did you know you can find a Storify collection of all of our discussions in one place?  It is important to us that we reflect the issues of interest to all of you so keep your suggestions coming in to us!

We are going to return to our weekly discussions after our Easter holiday break on Wednesday 27th April with a chat to mark the anniversary of  @SENexchange “Share your success stories relating to SEND over the last year and tell us your hopes and plans for the the coming year” 

Here at  SENexchange, we feel that over the last year we have established a group of supportive colleagues in the field of SEND and we look forward to our continued collaboration as we move forward into our second year. Thank you to each and every one of our 1758 followers for their continued involvement and support.

Mary and Cherryl





A sincere Christmas thank you from #SENexchange

photo SEN exchange


Mary and Cherryl started @SENexchange  on Twitter in April 2015 with a wish to create a place where ideas, news, information and resources relating to SEND could be shared.

We are delighted that since then we have:

  • 1451 supportive followers
  • published 8 blogs
  • Held 28 weekly discussions on a range of topics suggested by our followers

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 9 months. We appreciate the Re-tweets we get and the people who send us links to free resources to share with others.

We want #SENexchange to respond to and reflect the needs and views of the SEND community and to stay up to date with current issues pertinent to those working in the field so we are grateful to those who have suggested topics for our Wednesday evening discussion. We #Storify our discussion each week and have a Storify collection which holds the records of our discussions in one place:

Please do continue to suggest topics for us to discuss in the new year when we resume our weekly chats on 6th January 2016

To read all our other blogs check out our wordpress site

We sincerely wish you all a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Christmas and look forward to more #SENexchange together in the New Year

Mary and Cherryl




#SENexchange: Where are we now and where are we going?


Mary Isherwood @Mishwood1 and Cherryl-kd @cherrylkd initiated SENexchange @SENexchange in April 2015 in response to both of us receiving lots of queries about various aspects of working with children and young people with SEND. This blog tells you how and why we started: https://wordpress.com/post/86326401/7/

We started SENexchange in April 2015 and since then 1000 of you have joined us to ‘exchange’ your thoughts, ideas, views, resources. Thank you! We appreciate your support, involvement and contribution very much.

We started our ‘exchange’ with a list of SEN tweeters, bloggers and websites: http://t.co/S4yWcdInmI . We also regularly share news and updates on a range of aspects of SEND – some of which we find ourselves and tweet out – others which we are grateful are sent to us from our followers enabling us to pass on through the exchange account. We have also been pleased to tweet SEN related queries from followers on @SENexchange and have been pleased with how supportive SEN colleagues have been in responding.

We started our weekly discussions in the middle of April and have covered a range of themes – all suggested by our followers.We have around 20 regular contributors to our discussions which is great! One of the biggest reasons for establishing #SENexchange was that there are lots of people out there with a range of knowledge and expertise to share and we are delighted with the positive feedback we have had – we know people are finding it useful – including us! We are learning lots from others as we go along – that’s what it is all about! If you have missed our discussions so far or want to see what we have been ‘exchanging’, take a look at our #Storify collection blog: https://wordpress.com/post/86326401/125/

Where do we go from here?

We hope you will understand we are taking a little break from our weekly discussions but will be back each Wednesday, 8 – 8.30 p.m. from Wednesday 2nd September 2015.

We will continue to tweet news and articles relating to SEND as they arise and SEN related queries….

#SENexchange is as much about you all out there as it is about us so do tell us any thoughts about how we could make the exchange better – we welcome your views and ideas!

What do we need from you?

We are grateful for your support following us, your re-tweets and for engaging with us in conversation, particularly in our weekly discussions but at other times too – we like to hear from you!

We want SENexchange to be useful to you so please do continue to tell us your thoughts / ideas for discussion topics – as you can see from our Storify list – we really do listen and respond where ever we can

We would continue to welcome new followers – would be great to have more parents /carers of children with SEND joining us to have a parent’s perspective to our discussions and members of multi-agency teams who work with children and young people with SEND e.g. speech and lang therapists, educational psychologists. If you know any one interested in or working with children and young people with SEND who doesn’t know about us yet – please tell them who / where we are.

We are planning to discuss Initial Teacher Training and CPD for those working with SEND during the autumn term so any training providers out there – please do come and join us – we would value your contribution.

Once again a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you for making our first 5 months of #SENexchange such a success.

With sincere and warmest wishes for a lovely summer to you all

Mary and Cherryl

#SENexchange: The Storify Collection

photo SEN exchange

Once again Mary and Cherryl would like to thank our growing group of followers for joining and supporting us and for their exchange of ideas and experience – that’s what it is all about!

We started our weekly discussions each Wednesday evening on 15th April and are pleased we have a regular group of contributors.We would be delighted if more followers felt able to join our discussions – particularly encouraging parents / carers and those from other agencies who are able to offer a different perspective to the things we talk about. The more people who join us – the broader and richer the exchange of information / experience and ideas….

We always storify after each of our weekly discussions, some of which were collated in our blog ‘Our story so far’ published in May 2015. We thought people might find it useful to have our storify collections in one place however, hence this blog

Our discussions so far have all been taken from / based on your suggestions http://wp.me/p5Qdrj-1q  – Here they are in #storify form:

April 15th 2015 – Our first discussion – What’s special about CPD for working with children and young poeple with SEND?  Was suggested by Simon Knight (@SimonKnight100). You can read the #storify here: https://t.co/d2mfRzHKE0

April 22nd 2015 – We discussed – How do you involve parents and carers in their child’s learning? A topic suggested by EdRightAlliance (@ERA_tweet). You can read the #storify here:  https://t.co/H5fTzCP9F7

April 29th 2015 – We discussed  “Supporting meaningful pupil voice for children and young ppl with SEN ” . A topic suggested by Mary Isherwood (@Mishwood1). You can read the #storify here:  sfy.co/d0Wg9

May 6th 2015- We discussed – Effective strategies for promoting collaboration between mainstream & special schools. – A topic suggested by  Jen (@senteacher_jen). You can read the #storify here: http://t.co/3rq8W4mJir

May 13th 2015- We discussed ‘Encouraging children and young people with SEND to become independent learners.Suggested by Alexis Doyle (@alexisemma31). You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/3ANH4K2u7n 

May 19th 2015-  We discussed  ‘How do teachers/TAs work together to ensure best outcomes for children & young people with SEND. Suggested by Fiona ( @fiona_moody).  You can read the #Storify here:  http://t.co/0Rth72Ddc4

June 3rd 2015- We discussed – ‘Sharing good practice for pupils in mainstream and special schools learning together’ based on the suggestion by Amjad Ali (@ASTsupportAAli). You can read the #Storify here:  http://sfy.co/g0gLa

June 10th 2015 – We discussed ‘ Supporting children and young people to manage their own behaviour’ . A topic suggested by (@Educate_NE ). You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/JOzRJwpG5p

June 17th 2015- We discussed ‘Important features of an ASD friendly learning environment’ as suggested by Lynn McCann (@reachoutASC). You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/D53glHt2hR

June 24th 2015- We discussed ‘Supporting independent writing for learners with SEND’ (based on a suggestion by @jwscattergood). You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/wjUlQZ6gId

1st July 2015- We are discussing ‘Best practice in supporting transitions for learners with SEND’. A topic suggested by @MariaStMarys. #Storify here: 

8th July 2015 – We discussed  ‘supporting learners with SEND with SRE and puberty’. A topic suggested by Lynn McCann (@reachoutASC)  #Storify here: http://t.co/0e6XXcvyQn

15th July 2015- We discussed ‘ How we support learners with SEND to be safe online’. This topic arose from a discussion between @Mishwood1 and @cherrylkd You can read the #storify here:http://t.co/tQG56tyw2b

We took a short summer break and then……………..

2nd September 2015- We discussed ‘How can we best use social media to support outcomes for learners with SEND’. This topic arose from a discussion between @Mishwood1 and @cherrylkd. You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/dG6rJ0Bs2J

9th September 2015- We discussed ‘ How we can best use feedback to help learners with SEND make progress’. A topic suggested by @jwinchester25. You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/8XU4QeNUHj

16th September 2015- We discussed ‘How schools are dealing with Life After Levels for learners with SEND’. This topic was raised and suggested for discussion by a number of folllowers. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/ft2GWXXnv5

23rd September 2015- We discussed ‘What is best practice in Initial teacher training for working with learners with SEND?’. This topic arose from our own discussions. You can read the storify here: http://t.co/tSmqt3JdrE

30th September 2015- We discussed ‘What innovative uses have you found for your sensory room?’. A topic suggested by @senteacher_jen , You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/kvK2kwJ3jA

7th October 2015- We discussed ‘ What particular aspects of staff H+wb should we consider for working with learners with SEN?. This topic was suggested by @senteacher_jen   You can read the #Storify here: http://t.co/y8rmyEOSMp 

14th October 2015- We discussed ‘ How do we best use tech for our learners with SEND?’ A topic suggested by @cherrylkd. You can read the #storify here: http://t.co/7t2R9N2j42

21st October 2015- We discussed ‘What are the essential elements of relevant and meaningful homework for learners with SEND?’. A topic suggested by @Mishwood1. You can read the #storify here: https://t.co/gkej1zqXcV

We took a half term break and then…..

4th November 2015- We discussed ‘How we best get parents / carers involved in the life of the school. A topic suggested by several followers. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/oTWRpNqZdV

11th November 2015- We discussed best uses of Pupil Premium funding as suggested by  @cherrylkd      You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/3StFx50gDl

18th November2015 – We discussed ‘ How we ensure effective safeguarding of our learners with SEND as suggested by  @Mishwood1      . You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/HSOVqi4Nxw

25th November 2015- We discussed ‘ How we monitor and evaluate the performance of TAs. A topic suggested by @MrSeniorLeader. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/abA1gF5GMi

2nd December 2015- We shared strategies of supporting AfL with our learners with SEND. A topic suggested by @missmbunbury .    You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/meok9cesDS

9th December 2015- We discussed ‘How we can use Enterprise in education’ as suggested by @cherrylkd    . You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/jzCkAy8sic

16th December 2015- We discussed ‘The range of ways we use music in our schools’ as suggested by @LittleAngelsSch Little Angels School. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/UOjkPexgwq

We then took our Christmas break

On January 6th 2016 we started the new year by sharing our hopes for SEND in 2016. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/WufL3o0M7b

13th January 2016, we discussed  “How do we support our learners with SEND to move from special to m/stream schools” – a topic suggested by  @StarlightMcKenz    You can read the #storify here:  

20th January 2016, we discussed “How do we best support pupils with SLD in mainstream classes. You can read the storify here:  

27th January 2016. We discussed “”Multi- agency teams: Who is involved with your pupils with SEND and why? ” You can read the #Storify here:  

3rd February 2016. We discussed “What is the role of the SEND Governor?”. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/nwaBJsCJH9

10th February 2016, we discussed”SEND: Whose responsibility is it anyway?” You can read the #Storify here: 

After a half term break….

24th February 2016, we discussed “. How do we best support our children on the Autistic spectrum” – You can read the #Storify here:  

2nd March 2016, we discussed how we support our learners with SEND develop their play skills. You can read the #Storify here: .

9th March 2016, We discussed outdoor learning. You can read the #storify here: 

16th March 2016, we shared good practice in supporting transitions for learners with SEND. You can read the #Storify here: 

23rd March 2016, we acknowledged World Downs Syndrome day with our discussion. You can read the #Storify here: http://sfy.co/f1KT7

30th March 2016, we celebrated the achievements of our children and young people. You can read the #Storify here: http://sfy.co/a0yI8 

We then took an Easter break from our discussions

27th April 2016, we celebrated our first anniversary here at #SENexchange with an anniversary special discussion where we invited people to “Share achievements in SEND over the last 12 months and hopes for the next 12 months”. You can read the #storify here: https://t.co/bSc0sJpnK6

4th May 2016, we had a guest co-host@LauraKerbey,  who had suggested our discussion topic of ‘PDA’. You can read our #storify here: https://t.co/lNYk4YA18F

11th May 2016, we discussed “How can we make best use of social media to support SEND?”. You can read the #storify here: https://t.co/NgAoqfAF9k

18th May 2016, we had a guest co-host of @JosephBaldwin who had suggested our discussion topic of “Let’s discuss technology assisted communication”. You can read the #storify here: https://t.co/NgzCxgfJUC

25th May 2016, we discussed “What comments / feedback from parents / carers would make a teacher most proud?” suggested by @StarlightMcKenz. You can read the #Storify here: https://t.co/NKpqGiIEtv

It is time for us to have a half – term break from our discussions. Our next discussion will be on Wednesday 8th June at 8 p.m.

8th June 2016 – We discussed how SENCOs share information and support others. You can read our #storify here

15th June 2016 – We discussed what makes an autism friendly school? You can read our #storify here

22nd June 2016 – We discussed how we include our children with SEND in wider society. You can read our #storify here

29th June 2016 – We discussed how we can best support the mental health and wellbeing of our children and young people with SEND. You can read our #Storify here 

6th July 2016 – We discussed how we can best use assemblies for children with SEND. You can read our #Storify here

13th July 2016 – We discussed assessment of holistic  learning “Measure what you value”. You can read our #Storify here

20th July 2016 – We shared our SEND highlights of the year. You can read our storify here

We are now going to both take a summer break from our weekly discussions.

We will start a new #Storify collection in the new academic year when we return to our discussions on  7th September 2016 so they are all held in one place to make it easier for people to search for topics we have discussed.

Thank you again for all the positive feedback, support, and contributions we have had from you – please do continue to spread the word – the bigger the voice – the bigger the exchange – the bigger the impact for our children and young people with SEND. Do continue to  send us your discussion topic ideas too – we will add them to the list

With sincere thanks and warmest wishes

Mary and Cherryl